Who Am I?

Thorup Strand Beach - Jutland

I’m a 29 year old travel writer and photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Born and raised in the US, I re-located to Copenhagen in 2011 to pursue a Master’s Degree and to experience what it is like to live and study abroad for an extended period of time.  I have a background in Mergers and Acquisitions, but currently specialize in digital communication when not freelancing or doing research into social media and technology’s impact on the backpacker and study abroad community.  I am an avid photographer, videographer, writer, and have been dancing ballroom and latin avidly since 2004.  You can find a more in-depth resume here which includes my peer reviewed research, thesis, and work history. Curious about my Master’s Thesis? View it here.


I’ve had the travel bug since before I could walk. By the age of two we had begun a yearly tradition which stretched well into my College Career. Once a year we would pack up and head across the border and into Mexico for several weeks at a time.

By 5th grade that wanderlust was securely cemented when we rented our house, packed a year’s worth of possessions into four bags and caught a plane to Europe. Once there we spent 11 months traveling by train, car, bus and boat. During that time I was travelschooled and quickly learned to love foreign cultures, history and the world at large.

After our return I spent a conventional year in school before we struck out once again, this time I spent 7th grade on the road. Instead of revisiting Europe we took our 32 foot fifth-wheel trailer and RV’d across the U.S.

I am a passionate traveler with perpetually itchy feet. I’ve currently set foot in 41 countries across four continents and since College have tried and take at least two trips internationally each year. My preferred travel style is as a budget hostel/backpacker, a travel style which I find to be both enjoyable and extremely social.


I am an experienced presenter and comfortable in front of sizable crowds. Past experiences of note include but are not limited to being selected as an Ignite Phoenix 5 & 7 Presenter, where I spoke to a sold out crowd of over 500,  serving as a guest lecturer for several 300 level courses at Arizona State University and presenting as a guest speaker for the Financial Management Association.

In my time in the M&A Industry I accrued extensive experience interacting with top level managerial professionals and small business owners in a variety of industries. As a result I am comfortable interacting with individuals of all ages and levels of professional success as equals.

Through my Travel Resource Network project, I’ve been featured by a number of major media outlets ranging from BBC Travel to Glamour Magazine.

In early 2013 I spun off and sold The Travel Resource List, a stand alone website that I built under the Travel Resource Network umbrella.