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I am a profoundly curious person with a passion for communication, entrepreneurship, governance, and human behavior. That curiosity has led me to tickle a wild polar bear's nose, found me stranded on a grounded ferry in the no-mans-land between Belize and Mexico, and taken me to more than fifty countries.

With degrees in human Cognition and Communication, I have long dabbled in entrepreneurialism with a specialization in innovative approaches to digital communities. I have found career success in the commercial real estate, mergers and acquisitions, bio technology, and advertising technology industries. In addition I am a globally recognized blogger, podcaster, photographer, and videographer. I also enjoy delivering public talks and guest lectures.

I have been traveling since before I could walk. My wanderlust was cemented at the age of eleven when the family rented our house, packed a year's worth of possessions into four backpacks, and caught a plane to Europe. Two years later we struck out once again for a year of travel across the United States in a thirty-two-foot fifth-wheel trailer.

Since relocating in 2011, I have lived and worked in Copenhagen, Denmark where I serve as Head of Product Marketing for the Danish advertising technology company Adform.

Current Projects


Global Head of Product Marketing

Adform, Full-Time

I specialize in the advertising technology industry with responsibility for Adform's global product marketing team. In this role I have the opportunity to work with leading minds from the world's most innovative advertisers, their agencies, publishers and technology vendors.



Practical Curiosity: The Guide to Life, Love & Travel

I'm the author of the book, Practical Curiosity: The Guide to Life, Love & Travel. A book that spans the business, self-help, relationships and travel generes to offer a mixture of advice, observations, and thought exercises for driven, highly curious and intellectually energized renaissance men and women.

  • Published globall in print and ebook
  • Debuted at #82 among all non-fiction Amazon ebook releases


2011 - 2013

University of Copenhagen

Masters of Cognition and Communication (Cand. Mag)

My Master's Thesis, Beyond the Hostel: Analyzing the Perceived Benefits and Risks of Facebook's Impact on the Backpacker Community through Social Capital which was awarded a score of 12/12 which is a perfect score according to the Danish grading system.

2003 - 2007

Arizona State University

Barret, The Honors College & Hugh Downs School of Human Communication

Honors Thesis, Not Just A Game: How On-Line Gaming Communities Are Shaping Social Capital

  • Tanzania

    Cheetah on the Serengeti.

  • Iceland

    Hidden falls near Vik, Iceland.

  • Tanzania

    Herding Donkeys at Lake Natron.

  • United States

    Canyon-X, in the Antelope Canyon system, Northern Arizona.

  • United States

    Owl Canyon, Antelope Canyon System, Arizona.

  • Iceland

    Gullfoss detailed shot, western Iceland.

  • Tanzania

    Northern Tanzania near Lake Natron.

  • Iceland

    Near Vik, South Eastern Iceland.


Interested in interviewing me, purchasing some of my work, or have a proposal? Please feel free to reach out. Note: I'm not interested in sponsored post inquiries of collaborations of that nature.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Tel: +45 5343 8215