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The Travel Resource Network encompasses three major travel resource projects, the first of which was started in June 2007.  The Network consists of The Ultimate Packing List, Daily Travel Pic, Airfare Basics and VirtualWayfarer. These sites specialize in serving the 20-30 something niche commonly referred to as “backpackers”, but are designed to be relevant for travelers of all ages and travel styles.  In 2013 I spun off and sold The Travel Resource List which was previously part of the TRN.

Fusion Virtual Logo

Technology has advanced at an incredible pace.  Unfortunately, our approach to how we educate has failed to keep up.  FusionVirtual is dedicated to exploring and breaking down digital barriers, while developing concepts which drive the fusion between real world education, and virtual environments.  The company is also dedicated to exploring the impact the internet is having on Millennials and Digital Natives while examining how they interface with the world at large.